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IMAGER in short

IMAGER is an interferometric imaging package in the GILDAS software, tailored for usage simplicity and efficiency for multi-spectral data sets.

IMAGER was developed and optimized to handle large data files. Therefore, IMAGER works mostly on internal buffers and avoids as much as possible saving data to intermediate files. File saving is done ultimately once the data analysis process is complete, which offers an optimum use of the disk bandwidth.

The main goals of IMAGER are

  1. to offer a proper implementation of imaging
    • in case of wide relative bandwidth,
    • where the natural angular resolution changes with frequency.
  2. to implement a simple and efficient scheme to process Mosaics
    • including short spacings from single dish data
  3. to take advantage of improved capabilities of NOEMA and ALMA
    • by offering new tools like self-calibration or wide bandwidth analysis.
  4. to simplify user interfaces, by providing sensible defaults.
  5. to minimize image sizes
  6. to minimize processing time
    • by using parallel programming as much as possible
    • and reducing Input/Output to the strict minimum.

To install or update IMAGER go to “repository and installation” in the support menu on top of this page

Interferometric data reduction and analysis within GILDAS packages were done with the ’MAPPING’ program.

The IMAGER tool is an avanced replacement of it. It is NOT  mapping.

See documentation section: IMAGER for previous users of MAPPING

for the IMAGER PDF manual see menu “Documentation” on top of this page

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